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Holiday Healing for Your Own

We are prone to feel stressful at the end of year. It's also the time when we might feel physically tired, catch cold and get sick, and be under stress in terms of personal relationships due to many get-together with family members and friends.

This is also the season when, out of our desire to create the perfect, most wonderful holiday experience, we might put too much pressure on ourselves, and as a result feel more stressful.

There are various self care methods to relieve such stress, and art therapy is one of them.

Art Therapy helps us release such stress and frustration, and also heal our minds.

In addition, it will create an opportunity to objectively see our internal experience through the process.

Art and art therapy are fundamentally different.

Art tends to value the beauty and creativity of a finished artwork, but Art Therapy has nothing to do with such aspects, or even the resulting artwork.

What is important is the process itself--expression, fun, healing, and so on.

In other words, art therapy does not require any artistic skills or experience; instead, it is the best self care which we can do only for ourselves.

We are in the middle of a busy holiday season, but please do not forget to give yourself the best gift--a space of relaxation and a time of healing.

We wish you all well-being and a very heart warming holiday.

Blue Humming Therapy

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