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Mental Health Education and
Empowerment Resources
(Video & Documents) 

Mental Health Care should be accessible to everyone. Blue Humming Therapy is dedicated to bringing you free mental health resources on our website in multiple forms. We hope you will find these resources valuable and incorporate them into your overall well-being and health. 

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Image by Ana Tavares

Free Informational

Mental Health Documents

Take the time to reflect and record about your mental health. Explore our free informational documents, worksheets, and powerpoints to help you with your mental health journey and progress. 

Man Fashion Portrait
Mental Health Conditions

Mental Health Resources to learn symptoms of mental health conditions.

Woman Painting Pottery
Stress Management

Learn more about Stress and how it affects your mental health and everyday life. 

Breathing Meditation

How is your well-being? Take our free assessment to find out more. 

Love Yourself

What exactly is Self-love and how can we practice Self-love today?

Girl Time

Diversity is beautiful. Learn how diversity and mental health impact each other. 

Assisting the Elder

Practice kindness to yourself and others.

Help with Cooking

What kind of mental health resources would you like to see? We are always happy to hear your suggestions and ideas.

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