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Our History

Image by Roman Kraft

Blue Humming Therapy (BHT) – founded in 2016 – is the leading community-based mental health non-profit organization dedicated to helping all people, regardless of their nationalities, to achieve wellness by living mentally healthier lives. Our work is driven by our commitment to promote mental health as a critical part of the overall wellness and includes direct counseling services, psychoeducation, and prevention services for everyone. All of our work is guided by our organization's values – that mental health support should be offered through mutual trust and humanistic bonding.


BHT was established by the founder and psychotherapist, Manami Yamamoto, LMFT. She has been working with clients from diverse backgrounds at the hospital, school, and community mental health settings in both US and Japan. From her experience working with many clients, Manami was shocked to learn about the reality that many clients cannot receive the high quality of mental health services due to their economic statuses, races, cultures, and other deeply rooted injustice. She felt deep sorrow that they held little hope that it would ever be fixed. Manami feels a strong urge to form a solid function that can offer high-quality mental health services to all clients regardless of their backgrounds and help them ensure their well-being.


Manami also realized that many resources and knowledge are often disconnected and never integrated. She feels there are great opportunities to maximize the effectiveness and quality of mental health services if all knowledge and resources are integrated through collaboration with many talents.

It is her objective to create an organization where, with the realization of the real diversity and integration, we can improve our mental health services to the people and communities. Based on these experiences, she set into motion to form the movement that took shape as Blue Humming Therapy.


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