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Stress Management Group: March, 17th and March, 31st

Stress Management Group

At Blue Humming Therapy (BHT), we provide a unique form of stress management program to our clients. The aim of this program is to help our clients manage their stress holistically and effectively.

Why is stress management difficult?

BHT clinicians have been working with many clients who are suffering from stress. We found out the majority of them has ALREADY tried many ways to reduce their stress. Some of them tried learning many stress management skills and attended stress management groups, but could not find the best way to cope with their stress. Others continued seeking the way to reduce their stress and felt tired and hopeless.

What is unique about the BHT Stress Management?

BHT offers the holistic and customized Stress Management program. The participants know the root of their stress and learn the effective coping skills to manage their own stress.

We believe that learning the right stress management skill is useful when we are aware of our own stress, and can utilize the appropriate approach to manage our own stress.

During the BHT Stress Management program, participants will gain better understanding of their unique personalities and competency for managing stress. BHT can offer the holistic one-stop Stress Management support through psychoeducation, consultation, and individual psychotherapy based on clients’ needs.

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<BHT Stress Management>

Where: BHT San Francisco office in downtown San Francisco (447 Sutter St)

When: March 17th and 31st, 2018 Total 2 group sessions (4hr/session)

Fee: Please contact to BHT (

If you are interested in the program and/or need more information, please contact us at or 415-343-4660.

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