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What is unique about us? We cherish Diversity, Balance, Integration, and Compassion. 

Therapy Session

Focusing On You

Mind x Body
Self x Others
Independent x Dependent
Minority x Majority
Men x Women
Past x Future
Nature x Art
Young x Old
Verbal x Nonverbal
East x West

Blue Humming Therapy is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. It was formed by clinicians and staff that represent very diverse ethnicities, races, cultures, and values. We respect each background and value the uniqueness of individuals. Understanding and accepting someone who has a different background is not easy.


We try to understand each other and think about the real meaning of "co-working." Through our work, we found out how an organization can bring out the strengths in each individual and also effectively function as a team. This balanced work as an individual and group enables us to help promote the mental wellness of our clients and communities more effectively.


Our operating concepts of diversity, balance, integration, and compassion are what make us unique in our professional work. The following four aspects of our service promote them:

1. Practical

Psychotherapists often try not to be too practical though clients seek something "practical." 

It is very common that clients stop their treatments because they cannot feel the effectiveness of psychotherapy. The research shows that some cultures and ethnicities value practical treatments rather than insight therapy.


Blue Humming Therapy values both ideas, and we work with our clients to find the good balance between the practical and the insight. We will offer something practical to our clients as well as providing the benefit of exploring insights. 

3. Creative

Blue Humming Therapy psychotherapists come from very different backgrounds, and it is not common for psychotherapists to collaborate with other clinicians who have different therapeutic orientations.

Blue Humming Therapy believes our therapists' integrated "co-working" allows us to be creative and can help us serve more diverse clients and communities effectively. We enjoy our difference and integration because it gives us more opportunities to be creative and allow us to support our clients and communities.

2. Visible

We often hear that many clients felt lost in their treatment process and they feel their situations are not improving at all.

Some clients experience difficulty processing their therapies verbally due to their cognitive competency, physical difficulty, or language capacity.


Blue Humming Therapy takes those clients' struggles seriously. We try our best to make our treatment visible in order to help our clients understand their own processes. Our creative materials enable us to help them track their progress and become confident about their treatments.

4. Supportive

Our therapists are all professional and independent psychotherapists, but we are the people who appreciate mutual support and caring.


Our therapists are highly skilled and can provide psychotherapy independently, but Blue Humming Therapy believes the great teamwork creates better services and enables us to offer holistic support to our clients and communities. Just as we sincerely care about our clients and communities, our professionals care and support each other to maintain the best quality of services.

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