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BHT Stress Management Program 

Blue Humming Therapy offers a unique stress management program to support our clients to manage their stress more holistically and effectively. BHT has 7 steps to achieve clients' stress management. BHT clinicians actively support clients through all phases.

Clients take several assessments before starting stress management to understand their:

  • Stress Type

  • Stress Symptom

  • Resilience

  • Self-esteem

  • Coping

Sample Assessment Result

Stress Management

Clients increase the awareness of their own bodies and mindfulness statuses and come to practice relaxation to maintain the balance of mind and body.

Stress Management/Relaxation

Clients participate in stress management training or workshop to learn the mechanism of stress and understand the basic idea of stress management. Stress management psychoeducation study books are provided to clients.

Stress Management/Psychoeducation

Clients receive the assessment result so that they can understand their own stress types and patterns. Clients will also understand the trigger of their stress and the mind-cognition-thought patterns that increase/decrease the stress.

BHT offers individual consultation as an optional service to the clients who would like to address the details in person with clinicians.

Stress Management/group
Stress Management

Clients understand their own resources at hand to achieve stress management. The stress reduction ideas and coping skills are reviewed.

Stress Management

Clients develop their stress management plans based on their assessment results, analyses, and resources. They will receive more customized stress management plans which will increase the effectiveness of each client's stress management.

Stress Management/Planning

Clients start stress management based on their customized plans. Their assessment results and stress management plans will be shared with clinicians. Clients can work on stress management with clinicians in an individual or group setting. They can partner up with professionals and track their own progress to achieve their goals.

Stress Management
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