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2019 Board meeting

Blue Humming Therapy (BHT) had our first 2019 board meeting on Sunday, January 27th at our San Francisco office.

Our board members and the operation team were very happy to get together at this meeting, and we celebrated BHT's big achievement in 2018.

Our board members appreciate our clients and communities' continued support for our organization.

We achieved the following mental health services in 2018:

- offered 3,800 direct services (individual/couple/family sessions)

- offered 18 psychoeducation programs (groups, workshops, seminars)

- client satisfaction: 98%

We truly appreciate our clients and communities for choosing to work with us (and continuing to do so). We also would like to thank all professionals, insurance companies, agencies, hospitals, and schools for their support connecting us with our clients. As we have been receiving the amazing number of contacts every day, it is unfortunate that we are unable to serve all clients who reached out to us. We are planning to increase the number of clinicians in the future to serve more clients and communities.

As a humanistic, culturally diverse mental health organization, we have been discussing how we can support diversity, balance, and integration with compassion and love. Our board members had a wonderful discussion about the diversity and psychoeducation, and we look forward to sharing more information with our clients and communities in near future.

We, as a nonprofit mental health organization, strive to achieve real diversity, balance, and integration in order to offer the best quality counseling services and thoughtful support for our clients an communities.

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