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Downtown San Francisco Office

We want to introduce our downtown San Francisco office.

The office has a healing and relaxing character that clients can transform themselves.

Soft lightning and warm colored furniture make our clients feel comfortable. It is common that clients feel nervous to come to the psychotherapy. We take serious about the impact of environment aspects to our clients` feeling and we have been paying the careful attention to set up our offices.

Our clients can engage with art therapy and group therapy in this room as well as regular talk therapy.

There are some art therapists and somatic therapists within our organization. Our clients enjoy working with those therapists. Art therapy and Somatic therapy will help our clients to explore deeper self with exploring insight and promoting self awareness.

We believe that psychotherapy requires the relaxed environment to help client's emotional unfolding. BHT will try our best to continue creating the welcoming and safe environments that all our clients can feel comfortable to receive the mental health support.

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