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(Group Therapy Opportunity) "Mannish* Group - John Hanig, LMFT

This is the therapy group opportunity lead by one of our clinicians, John Hanig, LMFT.


*for those who mostly identify as closer to the male end of the gender binary depending on the situation OR those who do not believe in the gender binary & were assigned male at birth before their spirit had an opportunity to give consent OR those who are just trying to figure out what "man" even means OR those who have figured it out & realize there's no point in even labeling it & would still like to connect with an intentional community of all of the above.

This group is long overdue. We demand a safe enough space to explore who we know we are & not what other people tell us we are supposed to be because we have "GENDER: M" on our ID's & might visibly "pass" as "male". We demand an opportunity to connect with others who may also have experienced bullying, internalized oppression, & rejection from peers because of our strength to listen to our inner wisdom that is not "masculine" enough or considered too vulnerable in a "feminine" way. We demand to continue to develop the empathy & courage needed to stand up against social injustice, misogyny, & transphobia, to meet like-minded people to brainstorm ways to take action & learn to strengthen our allyship towards one another.

8-week commitment

Tuesdays 5:30-7:30pm OR Saturdays 3-5pm (depending on demand)

Sep 19 to Nov 12, 2017

$33 per session if registered* before Sep 1

($37 per session if registered* after Sep 1)

*registration includes downpayment of $150

-accepting SF Medi-Cal (Anthem / Blue Cross or SF Health Plan) for participants with lower income

Groups will be held in a confidential location in downtown San Francisco. Groups will use a combination of structured arts-based activities & open discussions about the above topics, as well as whatever else might come up organically in the group in response to these topics.

To register & for general inquiries about Mannish* Group, contact John at

John Hanig, LMFT, is a gender-free licensed psychotherapist in private practice in San Francisco. They specialize in serving the LGBTQ spectrum, including Queer, Gay, Bi, & Trans individuals & couples, especially those experiencing severe and persistent mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). They also specialize in using the arts in therapy, including visual art, music, dance, creative writing, & drama.

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