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Staff Interview Vol.1: Miyo Inoue (Operating Director)

We interviewed BHT Operating Director, Miyo Inoue.


Q: Can you tell me about your work?

I am in charge of all the operational aspects of BHT, ranging from something legal and financial to getting clients connected with our therapists. In other words, it is my job to help the organization grow and to ensure its well-being, so that our therapists can focus on our clients' well-being.

Q: Why did you join BHT?

I've known Manami, the founder and president of BHT, since we were in college, and though she returned to Japan once and I remained in US, we kept in touch. So when she asked me if I'd be interested in joining BHT, I really appreciated her considering me for the position, because I thought it reflects her trust in me.

Q: Tell me about your background.

I am currently finishing up my dissertation. Before going back to graduate school to resume my study in film, I worked at a real estate investment company for a few years as executive assistant and asset manager--the experience which is tremendously helping me now.

Q: What is good for you to work with BHT?

After spending a long time in school, I appreciate the opportunity to return to the non-academic work, and in fact, I find it refreshing and am really enjoying my experience! It is also great that I can mostly work from home; for a mother of two little children, not having to spend a few hours on commuting back and forth is truly wonderful.

Q: How about challenge?

To stop working and go back to other roles can be challenging sometimes. The work can be so engrossing so that sometimes I find it difficult to stop checking my emails. And this is when I am reminded by Manami :)

Q: What is your goal? How do you want to grow?

My goal is to learn about how non-profit organizations work. I have always been interested in working for NPO, and though I didn't expect myself to be working for this particular industry given my background and education, I still find this a great opportunity to have a hands-on experience on how to operate a non-profit organization.

It is my hope to become part of the backbone of BHT and support our therapists, and in the process I wish to grow not only as an operating director but also as a person.

Q: Any message to readers?

Thank you for your interest in BHT!!

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